Many obstacles are hindering clients from signing up for automation


  • Unclear return on equipment investment
  • Current purchase hardly can meet the future needs
  • Burden of peak management
  • Massive initial CAPEX investment -- losing focus on core business
  • Pay for an internal equipment maintenance team
  • Long decision process on CAPEX investment

Robotics solutionUnique value propositions from RaaS

LOWInvestment required
Easy decision
No initial CAPEX investment required
Low cost to kick it off
Much less spending required for a full set-up under RaaS model
Transparentcost saving
Clear cost baseline
Clear cost base lining between manual sorting and robotics solution
Can be charged by pieces per sort
Long-term cost saving
RaaS costs will reduce over the time rather than the continuously increasing labor costs
EasyPeak management
Ease the burden of peak management
RaaS can help clients to scale up and down their sorting capacity rapidly and easily
Robotics as a Service (RaaS) can accelerate automation
adoption by removing uncertainties for clients

ESG impact

Energy Efficient & Sustainable
GRS robotics solutions allow:
  • Reduce operational energy consumption
  • Minimize renovation requirements, reducing waste
  • Easier and faster deployment
Reusable Solutions
Highly modularized solution:
  • Easy relocation and redeployment
  • Almost 100% reusable for various scenarios
  • Less materials consumed and wasted
Improve Health & Safety
Reduces workforce risks:
  • Minimizes repetitive physical movement
  • Reduces injuries associated with heavy-load carrying
  • Manges risks with high-rise operations